Rumble Fish

Jerl is my fish.  His project serves to blend media and processes.  Serving as both a sculptural and 2D work, Jerl swims about, creating a living painting.  At different times, Jerl twists, and contorts in the most hypnotizing imagery.
Change and chance play large rolls in this work.  Every moment that the projector is on is a unique moment for the painting.  Unlike many projecting projects, Jerl never repeats himself, and the feed is never looped.

I lived across the street from the Iowa River, a keystone of Iowa’s water system- the most polluted water in the United States.  During this time I would watch many a fisherman cast his pole into waters that I would not touch.  Inspired by the amount of garbage and waste that I would see on strolls to campus, I began a series of fish works.
Lawrence, Kansas