Student Works

Workshop // Social Practice // Westboro Project

Students installed a white picket fence across the street from the Westboro Baptist (GOD HATES FAGS) Church in Topeka, Kansas. Throughout the afternoon the public was invited to come, paint messages of love, and reclaim their neighborhood.

Installation  // Hotel Room Installation 

Students create art installations in spereate rooms at the relax Inn in Topeka, KS.

Workshop // Installation // Performance // Poetry
Wood, Wallpaper, Couch, Lamp, Meatloaf, Creamed Corn, TV Tray.

Workshop // Sculpture // Wood, LED Lights, Plexiglass, Paper

Sculpture 1 // Mobile Art - Trojan Horse Project // Students must make horse scupltures that both move and can contain at least one human body.

Sculpture 1 // Wood Project // Sculpture Forest
Make an abstract tree, and plant it in the field next to the art school, creating the University of Iowa Temporary Sculpture Forest.

Sculpture 1 // Art Cart // Found object scultpure, must be mobile.

Digital Fabrication // Lamps // Designed using AutoCad //  Lasercut from cardboard. 

Digital Fabrication // Deconstructed Cube //  Lasercut from cardboard.

3D Design // Inflatables // Plastic and Fansd

3D Design // Cardboard
 - Create a luxery item out of cardboard.

3D Design // Tape Molds
Lawrence, Kansas